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25 maj 2023

Avanza launches sustainable healthcare fund with HealthInvest Partners

Ellinor Hult and Astrid Samuelsson, the fund managers of Avanza's new fund Avanza Healthcare bu Samuelsson & Hult

Astrid Samuelsson and Ellinor Hult, the managers of HealthInvest Partners' fund Sustainable Healthcare, are the new managers of Avanza's new fund initiative. The new Avanza fund, Avanza Healthcare by Samuelsson & Hult, exclusively focuses on the healthcare sector – a sector that has shown significantly better growth than the broad global world indices over the past 15 years*.

The new fund, Avanza Healthcare by Samuelsson & Hult, is a global fund that invests in a mix of large stable companies with growth potential and smaller, more innovative companies focusing on tomorrow's medicines and treatments. Additionally, it provides diversification across the various subsectors of the healthcare industry, ranging from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to digitization, healthcare services, and laboratory equipment.

"A healthcare-focused fund is an exciting and stable addition to Avanza's fund portfolio. Particularly considering that healthcare is not as sensitive to economic cycles compared to other sectors, as the need for healthcare remains constant regardless of the economic situation. We are very pleased to offer Avanza's customers the unique opportunity to invest in such a fund, managed by two of the most skilled professionals in the field," says Jesper Bonnivier, CEO of Avanza Fonder.

The managers have over 30 years of combined experience in healthcare investments. Before joining HealthInvest, they both worked at Handelsbanken, where they managed the fund Handelsbanken Hålsovård Tema. Astrid Samuelsson, in addition to being an experienced fund manager, holds a doctorate in medicine and has conducted research in virology and immunology. To gain further insights into the healthcare sector, the managers have assembled a medical council composed of doctors and researchers, enabling them to fully understand which companies have the potential to drive real change. The council consists of specialists in surgery, oncology, neurology, cardiology, immunology, and dermatology.

"We are very proud to launch this fund in collaboration with Avanza," says Anna Larris, CEO of HealthInvest Partners AB. "There is tremendous potential in this sector, and it is very exciting to offer this investment opportunity to all of Avanza investors. Moreover, those who invest in the fund have the chance to allocate their money to companies developing groundbreaking treatments for conditions ranging from cancer to Alzheimer's."

Avanza Healthcare by Samuelsson & Hult is what is known as an article 9 fund, aiming to invest in companies that contribute to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goal of "Good Health and Well-being."

Avanza Healthcare by Samuelsson & Hult is available for investment at Avanza starting from May 25, 2023.

*Over the past 15 years, global healthcare stocks have provided a return of 13 percent per year, compared to an annual return of 9 percent for global world indices during the same period.