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About Atle

Atle is a subsidiary of Bure Equity focused on active investment management.

At Atle, we want to gather outstanding portfolio managers under one roof in an environment where they can freely pursue their strategies.

Atle is driven by a conviction that it is possible to create strong repeatable results. To succeed requires driven, disciplined and creative managers who operate in an environment where they can think and act freely.

By being a long-term partner and supporting these managers in developing their businesses we believe that we can achieve exponential results over time.

Our partner strategy offers the economies of scale of a larger organization while allowing managers to continue working independently without compromising their investment strategies and edge.

By building these businesses on a structure with common principles for risk management and compliance we aim to offer our investors a secure platform for investing in niched strategies.

As an active owner we primarily work through the board of directors with strategy and business development. The group also has a service company, Atle Investment Services, which provides support within marketing, distribution, sustainability and other operational services. We can also launch and grow new managers internally until they become large enough to establish their own fund management company.

Our vision

"We are building specialized investment teams that are easily accessible to investors."

Our history

In 1992, Atle and Bure were formed as pure investment companies with capital from the recently closed “lönetagarfonderna”. Both Atle and Bure’s task were to invest in Swedish small and medium-sized companies.

The following year, both companies were listed on the Swedish stock exchange.

Atle acquired, developed and sold hundreds of unlisted companies and the value of the business more than quadrupled in eight years. In 2001, Atle was acquired by Ratos and 3i at a value of SEK 8.3 billion and operations under the Atle brand name ceased.

Atle in its current form was established in 2018 under the name Bure Financial Services with a goal of building a portfolio of the leading independent managers in the Nordic region. The first investment was in ALCUR Funds and Gro Asset Management. In 2019, Atle and Bure were runited when Bure Financial Services acquired and began operating under the Atle brand. At the beginning of 2019, Atle launched its first start-up, TIN Funds, together with Carl Armfelt and Erik Sprinchorn. The goal was to launch a new technology and healthcare-oriented fund manager that would a focus on retail investors. TIN Funds grew rapidly and in 2020 the business was spun out into its own independent fund management company.

The next acquisition took place at the end of 2020 when Atle took over management of Humle Funds from Söderberg & Partners. Humle Funds was relaunched at the beginning of 2021 with Petter Löfqvist as CIO and with the goal of becoming Sweden's leading small cap equity manager focused on sustainable investing.

Atle's most recent acquisition took place in February 2022 when Atle acquired part of HealthInvest Partners. HealthInvest Partners was founded in 2006 by Anders Hallberg and Carl Bennet as an independent fund management company specializing in the healthcare sector. Atle's ambition is to build a leading global healthcare manager.


Sustainability is a topic close to our hearts. We believe that taking sustainability factors into account in the portfolio management process is a key part of contributing to a better future for everyone.


Sustainability is an integral part of Atle's processes and we offer our managers the greatest possible support for their sustainability work.


One result of our sustainability work within Atle is the launch of Humle Funds. Our vision is for Humle Funds to become a leading fund management company focused on sustainable investing. Humle's mission is to help people save for a better future and that saving in the right way will create real change. Humle's investment process was therefore built from scratch with sustainability at its core.


There are many ways we can contribute to a more sustainable world and in addition to our own sustainability work, we support other organizations that work to save our planet. One such organization Vi-skogen. Vi-skogen is an organization that aims to reduce poverty through planting trees. Read more about them here.