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Legal Info

Atle Investment Management AB

Atle Investment Management ("Atle") (Org.nr 556943-6420) is a subsidiary of Bure Equity AB (publ.) ("Bure"). The company is 93% owned by Bure and 7% by the staff. Atle is a holding company that currently owns shares in Atle Investment Services AB, Alcur Fonder AB, HealthInvest Partnes AB, Fondbolaget Fondita Ab and Teknik Innovation Fonder AB.

Atle Investment Services AB

Atle Investment Services AB (“AIS”) (Org.nr 556690-3968) is a securities firm under the supervision of the Swedish FSA. The company has been granted license to conduct discretionary portfolio management, receive and transmit orders for financial instruments and execute orders on behalf of clients.

In AIS organization following control functions have been established:

Compliance: Responsible is Jesper Dahllöf from FCG Risk & Compliance AB

Risk control: Responsible is Fredrik Nilsson from Briq Legal & Risk AB.

Internal audit: Responsible is authorized accountant Leif Lüsch, from Lüsch & Co revision AB.

Externa audit: Responsible is PWC, with authorized accountant Magnus Svensson Henryson as auditor in charge.

Complaints officer: Jesper Dahllöf from FCG Risk & Compliance AB is the company’s complaints officer. Complaints should be directed to klagomal@atle.se.

 For more information about AIS organization and governance, see Atle Investment Services' organizational chart: Organization and Governance (Swedish)

Legal documents

Atle Investment Services Riktlinjer för integritet (Swedish)

Atle Investment Services Riktlinjer för aktieägarengagemang (Swedish)

Atle Investment Services Riktlinjer för utförande av order (Swedish)


Financial information:

Latest Annual Report. Available on request.