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1 feb 2023

HealthInvest launches new fund

The new fund Sustainable Healthcare managed by Astrid Samuelsson and Ellinor Hult is a global healthcare fund with a strong sustainability profile. The fund invests in a sector that offers interesting growth opportunities.

Last autumn, HealthInvest recruited portfolio managers Astrid Samuelsson and Ellinor Hult from Handelsbanken with the goal of becoming the leading fund company in the healthcare sector. "Astrid and Ellinor have shown a strong track record for a long time", says Johan Stern, chairman of the board of HealthInvest Partners, and continues: "We are very happy to associate them with HealthInvest".

HealthInvest has now launched the fund Sustainable Healthcare, an actively managed, global healthcare fund. The fund is an Article 9 fund, which means that it has sustainability (good health and well-being) as the goal of the investments. The fund is aimed at healthcare companies with good growth potential and also captures the major advances in the development of new drugs and medical technology products. The fund provides exposure to the strongest drivers in the healthcare sector.

Sustainable Healthcare is managed by Astrid Samuelsson and Ellinor Hult, who both have long and successful experience of investing in the healthcare sector. "It feels fantastic to be up and running and focus on such an exciting sector together with my colleague Ellinor," says Astrid Samuelsson. Astrid Samuelsson, who is a MD PhD, managed the five-star fund Handelsbanken Hälsovård Tema for 15 years; from November 2007 to July 2022. 

Ellinor Hult also has several years of management experience in the healthcare sector at Rhenman and Partners. Hult was also responsible for the five-star fund Handelsbanken Japan Tema. "Now I will be able to put all my focus on healthcare. In addition, we have put together a medical council that will give us an in-depth perspective," says Ellinor Hult. The medical council consists of hand-picked doctors and researchers who will give the team an in-depth understanding in their respective fields. "We want to give Astrid and Ellinor the best conditions to be able to focus solely on management and also have medical advice to help," says Johan Stern.