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7 juni 2022

Humle Fonder reinforces with a new analyst


Atle is pleased to announce that Elin Wiker is strengthening Humle's management team as an analyst. Elin's work involves supporting the administration and Petter Löfqvist with company and sustainability analyses.

"Elin will strengthen our team in an extremely good way. She has already positioned herself as an initiated influencer on Twitter with the perspectives of the stock market, macro and books. With her communicative and analytical skills, Elin will enhance our already strong offering in small companies and sustainability. With her drive and analytical ability, we will be even more effective in our expedition to find tomorrow's winners among all sustainable Swedish small companies," says Petter Löfqvist, managing director at Humle Fonder.

Elin most recently worked at the equity fund Case All Star. Elin joined Case back in 2018 and supported the management of that equity fund - exactly the role she will have at Humle.

Her work at Case All Star was supplemented with candidacies in both economics and political science at Stockholm University. Elin decided already on the first day to take a double degree alongside her work! In 2021, Elin also obtained the SwedSec license for advisers.

Elin has also had the opportunity to serve as a board member, which among other things has shown the importance of seeing things from multiple perspectives, which is very useful in the analysis work.

"I am very excited to become an analyst at Humle fonder. Not only because I get to work with one of Sweden's best small company managers, Petter Löfqvist, but also to meet companies and stress the importance of working sustainably. It is the ticket in if you wants to grow as a small company in the future and we as a fund can contribute to that development. Cool!", says Elin.

Atle Investment Services AB is a subsidiary of Atle Investment Management AB that offers services to Atle's part-owned fund companies and a platform for smaller asset management operations to grow on.


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